Strimmers & Brush Cutters

We have a wide selection of Strimmers and Brush cutters available form manufactures including Echo, Harry, Honda, Husqvarna and Makita. These are available in corded, cordless and petrol options. Options also available for split-shaft brush cutters and multi-tools.

Featured Products

Echo GT-222ES
*Temporarily Out Of Stock
  • 22cc petrol engine
  • 2Stroke
  • Bent-shaft
Honda UMS425LE
  • 25cc petrol engine
  • 4Stroke
  • Bent-shaft and D-loop handle
Honda UMK425LE
  • 25cc petrol engine
  • 4Stroke engine
  • Straight-shaft and D-loop handle
Husqvarna 525 RJX
*Temporarily Out Of Stock
  • 25 CC petrol engine
  • 2Stroke
  • Straight-shaft
  • Professional